What Is The Difference Between New and Old Xbox 360 Consoles?

So you’re thinking of buying an Xbox 360 and don’t know the difference? It’s all a matter of storage space. The first, oldest kind only has about a GB (gigabyte) for storage. The second, newest kind is either 250GB or 500GB. 

The same goes for the difference between an Xbox 360 Elite and a standard Xbox 360. You can learn about the difference between old and new Xbox 360 consoles as the below info will make it easy for you to understand. It is a must for you to know how to XBOX tutorials work for better experiences.

  • Xbox 360 Storage Space

The first kind of Xbox 360 had only about 0.5GB of storage space. You can download a few demos and games such as Halo 2, Halo 3, and Gears of War. However, it doesn’t give much room for saving your games or downloading new ones. You can only buy about two rounds before you need to make room for newer ones. The Xbox 360 has more storage space with 250GB or 500GB of storage. That’s a lot more room to store your games and demos.

  • Xbox 360 Model

Besides the size of the storage on your Xbox 360 console, you also choose between a standard Xbox 360 and an Xbox 360 Elite. The standard one comes in black and can fit three games on its hard drive. It has a 250GB hard drive that’s the same size as the newer consoles. You can use it as an HDMI or composite AV cable to connect it to your TV. The Xbox 360 Elite is also black but comes with a better controller and features than the standard console. 

  • Xbox 360 Controller

The newer Xbox 360 has a sleeker controller that’s easier on the fingers. Older controllers can be uncomfortable sometimes, especially during long gaming sessions. The newer Xbox 360 controllers are smaller and more comfortable to play with.

  • Memory Unit

The new Xbox 360 console offers memory card upgrades of up to 32GB of cards. The older models only have 16GB maximum storage space for the memory unit. In addition, the older models can take up to two memory cards. The newer ones only have one memory card slot.

  • Hard Drive

The new Xbox 360 has a faster hard drive to load games more quickly than the older console version. The unique Xbox 360 has a 250GB or 500GB hard drive depending on your model. The original Xbox 360 had 0.5GB, which is truly tiny. So it was only able to hold about a small portion of your games and demos. 

  • Console Size

The newer Xbox 360 console is slimmer than, the older models so that it would fit on most TV sets better than the older ones. However, the older Xbox 360 models are also bulky, and you have to put them up on a shelf to operate your controller buttons, for example, in a game. The new models are about twice as thick as the older ones but much sleeker and compact.

  • Controller Port

The older models of Xbox 360 consoles can room up to four controllers, two on each side of the console. Unfortunately, the newer consoles only have one controller port, so you can’t fit any on the sides and download games and demos from your memory card.

The new Xbox 360 is much sleeker than the older console version. The unique Xbox 360 model has better features and more storage space, suitable for avid game players. Although it’s a little bit more expensive, it would be worth every penny. In addition, it’s more convenient to use in a living room and your bedroom or office because of its sleek design.