What Happens When You Misuse Anabolic Steroid?

Generally, steroids are consumed to gain some muscle and make it good-looking. But when someone misuses it or consumes too much quantity of it, there can also be some side effects.  There can be both short and long-term side effects of anabolic steroids on the human body. It is as simple as if you want good looking body without any side effects. Then you must consume steroids in fewer amounts. You can consider consuming oxandrolone for better results. There can also be some dangerous side effects if you don’t take proper care while consuming steroids. You need to exercise daily and run so that steroid doesn’t get clotted in your body.  Some possible health risks of anabolic steroid misuse on the human body are given below.

  • Liver Damage

Steroid misuse can be harmful to your liver. You need to consult a doctor if you have some liver damage symptoms. Symptoms like; itchy skin, pain and swelling in the ankles, pale stool color, dark urine color, and nausea. These symptoms tell you that you need to take it seriously and go for treatment.  If you ignore these symptoms, you may have some internal bleeding. Unfortunately, some examples ignored the symptoms and continued misusing the steroid they have life-threatening situations.

  • Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular is related to heart diseases. Consuming anabolic steroids may develop some heart-related problems in your body. It buildup a fatty plaque in your arteries, which can be harmful to your blood vessels. Steroids can also narrow or block your blood vessels, leading to a major heart attack. Symptoms you may take seriously of anabolic steroids on your body.

  • Chest pain, angina, chest tightness.
  • Weakness or coldness in your legs and arms.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Massive pain in neck, jaw, throat, and back.

These symptoms show that your body needs treatment, and you need to stop consuming steroids. It is very important to take these symptoms seriously and discuss your concern with the doctor.

  • Hormonal Effects

Hormonal effects can be both in men and women. But it should be taken seriously. Otherwise, you may have some life-risking diseases. Here are some effects of abdominal steroids on men’s and women’s bodies.


  • Decreased sperm production.
  • Shrinking of the testicles.
  • Male-pattern baldness.
  • enlarged breasts.


  • Voice deepening.
  • excessive body hair growth.
  • decreased breast size.
  • Male pattern baldness.

These are the symptoms of Hormonal effects on men or women. You need to take action about it if you have one. Take good treatment and use fewer steroids.

  • Skin Disease

Today young generation is conscious about their body and skin. In the dream of having a good body, they start misusing steroids. In starting, your body will look best, but after consuming more and more, you will see many side effects. Also, when you stop misusing steroids, you will see some skin effects on your skin like; severe acne and cysts, jaundice, oily scalp, and skin.