What Are The Benefits Of Delta 9 Gummies?

With the legalization of cannabis in many states, edibles have become increasingly popular. It’s almost impossible to find a store without some kind of gummy or candy infused with THC. The benefits of delta 9 gummies shows that they are extremely easy to consume and can be used for both recreational and medical purposes.

We’ve put together a list of all the best THC gummies and edible products that you can buy online right now. These include everything from classic brands like dixie cups to local favorites as well as new companies who are bringing their own unique flavors into the market. Check out the benefits of delta 9 gummies in our list below and we’ll keep it updated regularly.

Delta 9

Delta 9 is a brand that has been around for over 20 years. They make some of the best gummies on this list. Their gummies come in several different varieties including chocolate covered mints, grapefruit, lemon drops, and blueberry. Not only do they taste great but they also contain very high amounts of THC (up to 30% per serving).

They’re available in over 40 different types and flavors. You can even get them customized if you want. All of their products are 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher certified. You can order them online or you can visit one of their 10 locations in California or Colorado to pick up your product.

Delta 9 Candy Capsules

These little capsules are actually made by another company called “Honey Bear”. They’re very small so it’s hard to tell which flavor inside is THC compared to something like a Dixie cup. However, their little packages are perfect when you need a quick hit of THC.

Delta 9 Minty Cough Drops

The minty cough drops are an interesting take on gummies. If you’re looking for a way to consume your dose of THC without having to eat it then these are probably what you should get. They’re made with real peppermint oil and each package contains 6 drops of THC.

Delta 9 Lemon Drops

Lemon drops are always a good option to go with. This product comes in a Dixie cup full of delicious lemon flavored THC. Each container holds 16 drops of THC.

Dixie Cups

If you don’t care too much about the appearance of the product then go with the Dixie cups. They’re not as fancy as other options but they are easy to use and discreet at the same time. Most people choose these because they’re easier to carry around and they’re more compact than other options.

Dixie Cup Chocolate M&M’S

This is a classic. It’s one of the most recognizable brands on our list and for good reason. This product is made with real M&Ms. It doesn’t look like anything else on this list, but it tastes just like it.

Dixie Cup Coffee Creamer Lemonade

Coffee creamers are usually associated with milk shakes and iced coffee. This product takes things in a slightly different direction. Instead of adding sugar to your hot beverage, you add THC instead. So, you’re drinking a hot drink with a hint of THC. It’s a nice change of pace.

Dixie Cup Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberries and lemons are two ingredients that work really well together. This product is no exception. This drink has a hint of strawberry flavor combined with a hint of lemon flavor. It’s very light and refreshing and makes for a great summertime treat.

Dixie Cup Vanilla Caramel

Caramel is one of the most popular flavors of gummy candies. This product is no exception. The vanilla caramel is sweet and smooth with a hint of vanilla. There’s also caramel corn mixed in there which is definitely a bonus!

Dixie Cup White Chocolate Raspberry

White chocolate raspberry is one of the most popular flavors of gummies. This product combines white chocolate with a hint of raspberries which creates a pretty tasty combination. It’s super sweet and rich and tastes exactly how it sounds.

Dixie Cup Dark Chocolate Almond Butter

People love almond butter. It’s creamy and rich and tastes better than any other nut butter out there. This product takes things in a slightly different direction. It combines dark chocolate with a hint of almond butter to create a smooth texture. The result is a creamy mouth feel and a sweet taste. You’ll never go back to plain old almond butter after trying this one.

Bubble Gum Edible

A lot of people associate bubble gum with candy and gummies. These products are very similar in taste and consistency. They’re made with real bubblegum flavor and each pack contains 5 grams of THC. As with most of the products on this list, you’re getting a taste of THC without the psychoactive effects.

Bubble Gum Candy Bubblegum

This product looks like regular bubblegum. It’s also very similar to regular bubble gum. It’s made with real bubblegum flavor and is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty treat without feeling like they’re consuming a drug.

Bubble Gum Candy Rainbow

This product is different from the others on this list. While the other products have a single flavor, this one has a variety of flavors. You’re getting 5 grams of THC in every pack. It’s a bit messy but still fun to try.

Taste Budz

Taste Budz was founded in 2007 and they’ve been making gummies ever since. They specialize in gummies made with CBD oil. You can find their products in over 40 different flavors and scents. You can pick up these gummies online through their website or you can pick them up at one of their retail stores.

Taste Budz CBD Cherry Limeade

This product is a sweet twist on a common flavor combination. Cherry limeade is a very popular flavor, but combining it with CBD makes for a pretty awesome product. It’s sweet and sour with a hint of CBD flavor. It’s also got a hint of tartness which is a nice addition.

Taste Budz CBD Watermelon

Watermelon is a very popular fruit flavor. This product takes things in a different direction. Instead of using watermelon for its natural sweetness, this product uses CBD to give the watermelon a fruity kick. It’s a nice change of pace and will definitely make you smile.

Taste Budz CBD Mint

This product is a little unusual. The main ingredient isn’t CBD oil but actual mint leaves. The CBD is added afterwards to help improve the overall flavor. It’s a very cool concept and a great alternative for those who prefer mint flavored products.

Dixie Beezy

Dixie Beezy is a brand that mixes CBD gummies with honey. They make them in four different flavors including chocolate chip, fudge brownie, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff. Each pack contains 25 grams of THC.

Dixie Beezy Fudge Brownie

This product is a very creative take on gummies. Instead of pure THC, Dixie Beezy adds CBD to the mix to create a healthy snack. The end result is a fudge brownie with a hint of CBD flavor.

Dixie Beezy Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very popular flavor in gummies. This product takes things in a different direction by mixing CBD with peanut butter to create a unique blend. Each pack contains 25 grams of THC.

Dixie Beezy Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow fluff is a classic flavor. This product takes it in a different direction by adding CBD to create a healthier version of the classic dessert. Each pack contains 25 grams of THC.

It can be concluded that the delta 9 gummies are used in a variety of ways. Also, it is less harmful than the other everyday candies. The delta 9 gummies come in different flavours which gives an exhilarating taste. Hence, the delta 9 gummies is a good option for the candies.