What are Different Types of Pools? 

La Quiniela began to be played in Spain in 1946 due to the great love of football in our country and many bets on the results of the football matches that were held. 

The amount of a bet is € 0.50. Because the minimum amount per ticket is €1, if your ticket participates in a single draw, you must include at least two bets (blocks). 

How to play the Pool? 

The game of La Quiniela consists of guessing the result of 15 football matches by scoring if you think the team that is in the first place (1) will win, if they will draw (X) or if the team that is in second place (2) wins. The result of match number 15 (Full to 15) is only valid if the previous 14 results are correct. It is predicted by scoring for each team that compose the number of goals they will score, 0 = no goal, 1 = 1 goal, 2 = 2 goals, and M = 3 or more goals. To do this, there are two ways to play: 

  • Simple bet:

 Select at least two bets with 14 predictions each, plus the full to 15 (familiar to all simple bets made). In each block, it represents a simple bet. 

  • Multiple bets:

Select in the first block of bets more than 14 predictions by combining doubles and triple predictions in one or more matches. The column ‘Combinations’ also marked the number of these that have been predicted. There are the following variants of multiple: 

  • Direct Multiple 
  • Reduced multiple 
  • Conditioned multiple 

How Does It Work? 

The game consists of guessing the result of the matches of the season. As football lovers eagerly await that tournament, La Quiniela takes on an extraordinary boom during the League Championship. The League began in August and ran until May of the following year. 

Types of Pool 

Regarding the types of pools, they are grouped into three parts: single, reduced, and multiple, depending on the number of bets. 

  1. Simple

the simple pools are those forecasts where three options are presented; in football, they are 1 (team a), x (draw), or 2 (team b). To do this, the bettor predicts 15 matches, where he will decide if one of the teams (a or b) wins or if there will be a draw.   

  1. Reduced 

This type of bet allows the player to make a pool of lower rank than the multiple, but the amount is lower than the one above. 

  1. Multiple 

On the other hand, this bet is similar to the simple one, but with the difference that it can allow two or three results in the same event or match. An example of this is if there are doubts about a match, you can mark in the same ticket three possible results, and for each combination, there would be a bet. 

Most of the Argentine provinces draw their pools. Also, the National Lottery draws letters only for bettors of Capital Federal, where the letters chosen randomly are pre-printed on the ballot. In this way, the player would have chances of success and can play without commissions through quinielas.ar.