Want to record your Skype calls? Here are some steps to follow

Today, so many people always stay in their homes for some reason. In such cases, the only option available to them is video calling. However, what if you can only see the person on call for a moment? It will be devastating, right. There are so many moments that you always cherish and capture on your phone.

 Like telling your parents on a video call about your first job, first house and so on, there are so many priceless moments, and you may want those happy reactions on your phone forever. In such a case, Skype offers you a chance to record your video calls on your device at ease.

 However, how you will use This Site to record arises, then here are some steps you can follow, but before that, witness some of the features that come with a Skype call recording.

Key features of a call recording on Skype

  • Whenever you start recording the Skype call, the person will automatically get aware so that there are surprises. It is done to ensure that the people do no unnecessary recording.
  • If you record a Skype call, this site makes sure that everyone in the video is combined, including you and recorded.
  • If you are recording a video call and someone is sharing their desktop, it will also be recorded in the video.
  • If you end up recording or leaving the chat between then, the recording you have done will automatically get posted on the conversation.

  • The highest duration you can record is 24 hours; beyond that, you’re recording will be split into several different numbers of files.
  • The call recording you do on Skype will be available for 30 days in your chat, after which it will be deleted automatically. If you want it for a longer time, you can download it and save it in your camera roll.

How to record a Skype call?

  • If you want to record your call on the desktop, select the recording icon represented at the bottom of your chat. It will be a big circle black dot.
  • However, if you want to save the Skype call on your mobile phone. Then, first of all, tap on the three black dots (•••) represented like this. It will enable you to have more options. After which, tap on a black dot to start recording.
  • After which, a banner will be displayed on your screen, which will advise you to tell everyone know that you have started recording your Skype call.
  • Once you click on the banner, the recording will get started. You can record it as long as you want. But the last duration is 24 hours.
  • After the call has ended, the recording will get a post on the chat. So it will be available for you and the other people on chat for around 30 days. After which, it will get vanished.

Steps to save a call recording in your gallery

  • First of all, go to the chat where the recording has been posted if you want to save it on the desktop. Then, select the more option, which will be displayed like three dots (⁝). Click on it, and you will get the opportunity to save it in the camera roll.
  • However, if you want to save the call on the mobile, tap and hold on to the Skype call recording, and you will get an option to save it directly on your phone.
  • Therefore, select the save to download option if you want to download it in an MP4 file on the desk. Then, click on it, and it will directly get saved into your download folder. After which, click on save to choose where you want to save the recording.
  • Tap on the save top directly and download it to your phone on the mobile phone. After which, you can save the call recording into your phone gallery.
  •  You can directly save your Skype call recording on your phone on your desktop easily for more than 30 days.

How can you share the Skype call record?

  • If you want to share it from your laptop or computer, click on the select more options displayed on the left side of the screen. 
  • However, if you want to share it from mobile, you can tap and hold on to the Skype call recording.
  • Now select the forward button to share the call you have recorded to another chat or on another platform.

Moreover, several other options are also available while recording a Skype call. Like a remove button where you can remove the recording that has been posted on the call if you do not want t share on save it. You can also report the recording you find abusive or a scam.