Various Types Of The Challenges That Come For The Players In The Fortnite

Welcome to the second chapter of our How To Play Fortnite guide. If you’re new to Fortnite, or just want a refresher on how to play this game, then we’ve got tips for you too! In this article we’ll be looking at some tips and strategies that will help you get started in Fortnite Chapter 2, including a detailed look at each map, tips on where to build, what to buy, how to avoid snipers, and more. 

Before getting into the tips, let’s take a quick look at the Chapter 2 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is an optional purchase that gives players a number of rewards as they progress through the game, including more skins, emotes, gliders, and boosts. These rewards are available after completing specific challenges, which are usually set by Epic Games and vary from map to map. You can see all of the rewards currently available in-game here. We also have a full list of all the challenges you can complete in Chapter 2, along with their requirements if you need them. 

The Battle Pass comes with a free tier, so you don’t have to spend any money to get started! However, there are plenty of other ways to earn rewards throughout the game, so it’s worth considering whether you should purchase one before moving onto the next section. 

So now we know what the Battle Pass is, and why you might want to buy one, but what exactly does it do? As mentioned above, the Battle Pass gives you additional items when you complete certain missions, depending on the map you’re playing. While these missions vary between maps, they generally involve building something like a wall or trap, then defending it against waves of enemies. Each mission takes around ten to fifteen minutes to finish, so it’s not something you’ll want to play every day. But if you enjoy the challenge, then it adds another layer to your experience in Fortnite. 

To start off, you should note that Chapter 2 contains a lot of changes compared to its predecessor, making it quite different to play. This guide will give you tips on each individual map, but before we jump in, let’s take a look at some general tips that apply across the board. 

If you’re new to Fortnite, then you may find yourself struggling with some of the mechanics. That’s OK – we’ve put together a list of tips designed to make gameplay easier for beginners, including things like avoiding death, using traps, and playing smart. 

We’ve also included a handy guide to common Fortnite mechanics, which helps you understand how everything works. 

For those who have been playing the game since Chapter 1, you’ll probably notice that Chapter 2 has some differences. One such difference is that the weapons you use are slightly weaker than they were in the first chapter. So while you should feel comfortable using your favorite weapon, you may need to adjust your tactics somewhat. 

As always, remember to use the tips above, and if you have any questions, ask us in the comments below! 

Fortnite Chapter 2: Tips And Strategies For Beginners 

Ahead of starting up a match, you should consider what kind of match you’d like to play. There are three main options in Fortnite Chapter 2: FFA (Free For All), Squad Deathmatch, and Search & Destroy. 

In a FFA, everyone starts off with the same level of health and armor, meaning that whoever lasts the longest wins. This means that you shouldn’t go into a FFA expecting to survive long enough to level up, because even though there are no respawns, you could easily die within the first few seconds. 

Squad Deathmatch is similar to the FFA, except that everyone starts off with the same amount of health and armor. Instead, the goal is to eliminate opponents before they eliminate you. 

Finally, Search & Destroy is a team-based objective mode, where you must destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours. The only way this can happen is if both bases remain intact. 

Once you’ve decided on what type of match you want to play, you can jump straight into the next section. 

When you start a battle, you spawn near the center of the map. If you’ve chosen Squad Deathmatch or Search & Destroy, you’ll spawn in the middle of the map. In FFA matches, you’ll spawn near the closest point to either side. 

There are two main types of weapons you can choose from in Fortnite Chapter 2. The majority of weapons come from the previous game, but Epic has added a few new ones that are particularly useful in the new chapter. 

Here are some of the most popular classes of weapons in the game: 

Plasma Rifle:

A powerful sniper rifle that fires a steady stream of plasma bullets. It’s great for taking down enemies far away, but you won’t want to use it unless you have a clear line of sight. 

Laser Pistol:

A medium-range gun that fires a single laser bullet. It’s perfect for close quarters combat but it doesn’t pack much punch. 


An assault shotgun that fires multiple shots in rapid succession. It’s effective at short range but it’s best used if you have good cover nearby. 

Sniper Rifle:

A long-range weapon that fires fast, accurate shots. It’s great at taking out distant enemies, but you won’t want to use it unless you have a clear line of sight. 


Short for Sub Machine Gun, this is a medium-range weapon with high damage potential. Unlike the Shotgun, it’s best used when firing rapidly. 


Similar to the Sawed Off Shotgun, this axe fires quickly and causes lots of bleeding damage. It’s perfect for taking out enemies close to the ground. 


A long-range weapon that fires a continuous stream of bullets. It’s great for clearing out groups of enemies at range, but it will take several shots to kill anything larger than a chicken. 

Lightning Gun:

A mid-range weapon that shoots lightning bolts. It’s great at dealing with large groups of enemies, but it’s slow to reload. 

Rocket Launcher:

A long-range weapon that fires rockets. It’s great for destroying structures, but you’ll need to aim well to hit your target. 


A grenade launcher that launches a single bolt of electricity. It’s useful for taking down turrets and vehicles, but it’s best used at close range. 


A pistol is a mid-range weapon that fires bullets. Like the Minigun, it’s best used when firing rapidly. 

Machine Gun:

A heavy machine gun that fires a continuous stream of bullets. It’s great for wiping out groups of enemies quickly, but you’ll struggle to hit targets at distance. 


An assortment of melee weapons that aren’t suited to any particular role. They’ll work well in close quarter fights, but you wouldn’t want to use them outside of that. 

You’ll find that many of the guns are similar to those found in the previous chapter, but a handful are unique to Chapter 2. Here’s a quick list of the most important ones: 

Flak Jacket:

This armor provides increased protection against the elements. 

Explosive Vest:

This vest detonates after being shot, causing massive damage to anyone in the blast radius. 


This vehicle has limited mobility but it can travel over water, allowing you to escape if you fall into the ocean. 


These helmets grant a variety of bonuses, including increased movement speed and increased damage resistance. 


These scopes allow you to see farther than normal without sacrificing precision. 


These vehicles provide heavy armor and strong.

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