Things to expect after a saliva drug test

The idea of a saliva drug test is to detect drugs that are in the bloodstream, such as cocaine and THC. This method can be used for both adults and children, although it’s typically performed on infants by pediatricians.

When you undergo a mouth swab drug test, there are two types of tests that may or may not be conducted, depending on your location. They are:

In-office blood draw drug test – The most common type of saliva drug testing involves a small sample of blood taken from your arm using a needle and syringe. A nurse or physician will then go through a series of steps to ensure an accurate reading, which includes inserting a cotton ball into your mouth, allowing it to absorb the drug for about 30 seconds, and then collecting a drop of blood.

This process must be repeated several times until enough blood has been collected to perform the final analysis. Once this is done, the results are delivered within approximately three hours.

A urine drug screen is often used as a backup test in case the blood test is negative. In some states, however, parents are required to submit to both a urine and saliva drug test when their child is born.

What to expect after the test

For the most part, a positive result means that you tested positive for a drug (or compounds) that were present in your body at the time of the test. If you have any doubts about whether or not you consumed any illegal substances prior to the test, contact your doctor and ask them to reschedule. The fear of the results of drug tests is real. It’s the primary reason people don’t take drugs, even when they’re prescribed by a doctor. It can also lead to people avoiding necessary medical treatments. The test is a big task and not like saying check it out and move forward.  

There are certain medications that can lead to false positives in home drug tests, so if you suspect that you might have ingested anything recently, you should consult with your health care professional. There are also certain conditions that could interfere with the accuracy of the test, including pregnancy, recent dental work, and severe dehydration. If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call your doctor immediately.

It’s important to remember that drug tests alone aren’t enough to determine the long-term effects of heavy use. If you take a lot of prescription medication or are currently involved in treatment for substance abuse issues, it’s likely that a positive test will result in further evaluation and additional testing.

It’s also possible that a negative test may indicate a lack of exposure rather than total abstinence. Many people who regularly consume alcohol, marijuana, or other substances will fail a drug test due to high levels of tolerance. This doesn’t mean that they’ve never used drugs before – they simply have developed a level of chemical “addiction” that enables them to use without getting caught.

Finally, if you know that you’ll be taking a trip where you won’t be able to get tested, you may want to consider wearing a patch that detects trace amounts of THC (the active component of cannabis). This is a test that’s available only through a licensed medical dispensary, but it can provide peace of mind while abroad. To find out more about this option, see our guide on how to buy a cannabis patch online.

If you need to hire a lawyer to represent you during a legal proceeding involving a drug test, we encourage you to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney first.