The primary seven differences between The Original and The Replica Watches

Watches provide the time of the day, giving at least the hour, minute, and often the second. It is a small timepiece worn typically on a strap on one’s wrist.  On the other hand, replica watches are unauthorized copies of an authentic watch. Among these, the Swiss replica watches are the most popular ones.

Differences between Original and Counterfeit- 

Well-structured and fine watches are some of the world’s coveted luxury goods. The Swiss replica watches include – Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Hublot. There are seven major significant differences between fake and authentic luxury watches. They are – 

  • Finishing and Design –

Luxury timepieces are made to meet society’s standards. So finishing and details on high-end watches are flawless. Customers can investigate the details to ensure that everything is in its place. They had to look closely at the case, winning crown, clasp, and bracelet. Top-standard watchmakers proudly showcase the products created by them.

The fake ones consist of flaking or peeling of materials, unequal spaces provided between the letters, crook text or sloppy front, incorrect logos, and spelling mistakes. It also has a bracelet that does not fit in the case properly and a flimsy and cheap bracelet clasp that is hard to close.  

  • Price –

Luxury watch watches cost a lot more than ordinary ones. So, if the price is too low compared to its market value, it’s probably a replica. There’s plenty of demand for high-end watches today, so the meager price should raise an eyebrow.

  • Materials –

One can differentiate between high-end watches and replicas, as the original ones would be made of genuine gold made of 18k, platinum made with 950, titanium or stainless steel, or genuine gemstones and diamonds.

  • Quality –

The quality on which the watches are made matters. Genuine timepieces are heavier than replicas, as they use more cheap materials. An exception is high-end timepieces brands take materials like titanium to introduce ultra-light pieces.

  • Fine product-

High-end watches are not only a symbol of luxury and exclusivity but also of hard work, technical mastery, and quality in terms of materials used and the people behind the craft. When buying an original luxury watch, customers must be careful that the replica ones have the same shine.

  • Colour –

The high-end timepieces would have standard colors that won’t fade away quickly, while the replica ones, even though made with fine duplicity, tend to get damaged, and the color seems to fade away with time.

  • Poor locks –

The original branded watches are made of different locks. The replica ones have succeeded in copying that art. Nevertheless, they cannot be the same as the original. The duplicate ones would break away quickly while the original stays.

The critical thing to notice is that counterfeit watches are illegal, and the fake material industry has a dark, ugly side. It has to link with child labor, money laundering, human rights violations, and the rest of the criminal activities.