The Best Travel Books For Exploring Italy

When planning a trip to the beautiful country of Italy, having the right travel books can make all the difference. From helping you find the best attractions and activities in each region to understanding the culture and history of this ancient land, these must-have travel books, including travel books Italy, will have you exploring Italy like a pro in no time. The selection of travel books available on Italy is vast, catering to various interests and travel styles. Whether you’re seeking detailed guides with comprehensive information or immersive narratives that transport you to the streets of Rome or the canals of Venice, there is a travel book for everyone. These books provide insider tips, local recommendations, and valuable insights into lesser-known gems, allowing you to craft a personalized itinerary that suits your preferences. So, before embarking on your Italian adventure, be sure to pick up one or more of these best travel books for exploring Italy and enhance your journey with the knowledge and inspiration they offer.

1. Lonely Planet Italy

One of the most popular and comprehensive guides to Italy. Written by experts who have extensively explored every corner of this amazing country, Lonely Planet’s Italy guidebook takes readers through all the major regions, with detailed information on attractions and activities, plus practical tips on transport, accommodation, language and more. It is also packed with inspiring photography that will make you want to book your next Italian adventure!

2. Rome: A Cultural History

This book is essential reading if you want to understand Rome’s rich history. From its founding by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC to its present day glory, this book explores the many layers of Rome through insightful commentary by famous writers such as Virgil and Machiavelli, and scholars such as Gibbon and Symeonides. You’ll also find maps, illustrations and photographs that bring Rome’s past to life on every page.

3. Tuscany & Umbria Guide

If you want to explore Tuscany or Umbria – two idyllic regions in central Italy – then this is the book for you! Covering everything from getting around during your visit (including tips on car hire) to finding great places to eat or stay, it even includes detailed descriptions of various attractions in both regions, including national parks, famous towns and cities, galleries, museums and more, so there’s something for everyone!

4. The Food Lover’s Guide to Florence and Tuscany

If your idea of the perfect holiday involves sampling delicious Italian cuisine, then this guide is for you! With over 500 reviews covering everything from traditional restaurants to tiny trattorias tucked away in back streets, plus advice on where to buy wine, cheese or olive oil, The Food Lover’s Guide To Florence And Tuscany will help ensure your taste buds never go hungry while visiting these stunning regions!

5. Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports

For those taking a cruise through some of Europe’s most stunning ports, Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports offers invaluable insights into each destination, including which excursions are worth taking, which sights to see in each port, which restaurants offer great value for money, and more, ensuring that no matter which part of Europe your ship visits during your cruise, there’ll be no surprises when you disembark!

6. Venice For Free: Tips on how to enjoy Venice without breaking the bank!

Venice may be one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but with careful budgeting anyone can visit without going bankrupt! This handy little booklet outlines how visitors can enjoy all that Venice has to offer without breaking the bank – from free walking tours to cheap pizzas – so don’t let cost stop you from experiencing this romantic city in person!

7. The Northern Italy Road Trip Guide

Whether travelling by train or car (or both!), this comprehensive guide provides everything travellers need to know before embarking on their journey through Northern Italy: advice on routes between destinations, including estimated times; sights not to be missed at each stop; budget-friendly tips on food & accommodation options, etc., to make sure your road trip goes off without a hitch!

8. Let’s Go Naples & Amalfi Coast

Last but certainly not least, Let’s Go Naples & The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular English-language guides available, specifically tailored for travellers heading south to Naples. Packed with vibrant photography and comprehensive reviews outlining what makes each attraction worth a visit – from world-class art galleries to famous Neapolitan pizza joints – this pocket-sized guide fits perfectly in a backpack, ready for any adventure that lies ahead!