Symptoms And Causes Of Knee Pains And Ligament Injuries

Nowadays, people are facing the challenges of managing their hectic lifestyle so, that they are no longer aware of their health issues. Due to this, they end up transforming those tiny health problems into the major ones. Among those health issues, pains and aches start bothering after a certain age. After entering the thirties and forties people might start to encounter the issues of back and knee pains.

Knee pain is a common health condition that can be the consequence of any short-term or long-term issues. Certain knee pains can be simply recovered by taking a few practices into deliberation while, others may require consulting of the doctor. Conditions like bowlegs can be treated by correcting bowlegs with an osteotomy. These pains might be seen in the people who commonly participate in the sports activities like running, jogging, jumping, etc.

The knee ligament is the flexible collective tissue that holds the knee together. Knee ligament injuries can be developed due to trauma, or car accidents. It can also be caused by the injuries that might happen in sports like twisting of the knee in the games like football, basketball, or skiing. The knee comprises four ligaments, that connect the bone. Their work is to provide strength and stability to the knee. The four ligaments are namely, the Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, and the other two are medial and lateral collateral ligaments.

Symptoms of ligament injury

  • Cruciate injury

This injury is often associated with causing pain. When the injury happens, you might hear the popping sound. In this condition, the swelling occurs on the knee. You would be unable to move your knee, as you normally do. The pain may be felt along the joint when you push yourself to walk. The symptoms of the cruciate injury is may seem like other health conditions, but it is advised to see the doctor for a diagnosis.

  • Collateral ligament injury

Like the cruciate ligament injury, the collateral ligament injury also appears to pop and buckle. The symptom of pain and swelling can be obvious, the pain might be felt at the side of the knee and swelling over the injury. The feeling of an unstable knee might be felt like it’s going to give way.

Causes of common knee

The reasons behind the knee injuries are not certain, it might be the result of any of the mishappening, let’s have a look at them.

  • Fractures can be a common reason behind the knee injury is dislocation of the kneecap. It is the most commonly broken bone of the knee. It can be a result of any car or bike accident.
  • Dislocation can be the other reason, it takes place when the knee bones are out of their proper alignment. Because of an accident or fall, one or more bones may slip out of their place.
  • The tearing of the tendon can be one of the causes of knee pain. Tendons are generally soft tissues, that connect bones to the muscles. Direct fall or hit may be the reason behind the tearing of the tendon.