Some Common Pros And Cons Of Various Types Of The Book Shelves

Book shelves are one of those things that you see all over the house. But what do they actually look like? It’s not as simple as it sounds. There are so many different types of book shelves that it can be hard to understand exactly how a shelf should look and if you’re looking to buy one for your own home, it can be confusing. 

There are three main styles of book shelving – traditional, open-shelf, and adjustable. Each has its pros and cons, but there is no best way of doing it. So when you’re deciding on which style will work best in your particular situation, you need to consider some factors. 

Traditional Book Shelves 

The most popular type of book shelf is the traditional design. This style usually includes three boards or panels that meet at a 90 degree angle and are held together by metal brackets. The shelves themselves may be made from wood or plastic and may have a number of slats or a solid top, depending on their intended use. Most modern versions come with a built-in shelf support system, which makes them more stable than older designs. 


Traditional book shelves tend to be easy to assemble and very sturdy. They offer great storage space, and can be used in multiple areas of your home, including living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. You can also easily customize them to match any decor. 


 While these shelves are quite versatile, they don’t always blend well with other furniture. They’re often bulky, and can block light from entering certain spaces. In addition, because they typically only come in one size, they aren’t very flexible. If you plan to place them directly against a wall, the shelf may be too tall or too low. 

Open-Shelf Bookshelves 

You might think the name of this style of book shelf suggests that the shelves are open, but that’s not entirely accurate. Open-shelf book shelves still include three vertical panels that meet at a 90-degree angle, but the sides of the shelves are exposed. This creates an interesting effect where the shelf appears to rise up out of the base. Because the shelves are visible, you’ll want to make sure they’re clean and free of dust. 


With open shelves, you can create a unique look in any room without sacrificing functionality. Since they’re designed specifically to hold books, you won’t have to worry about whether they’re compatible with your decor. You also won’t have to worry about blocking natural light or leaving gaps between your books and the walls. 


Open shelves are often harder to install than traditional shelves. Although they provide additional storage space, they may not be suitable if you plan to store taller items such as DVDs or CDs. Also, since they’re open, you’ll need to keep your books organized when you move them around. 

Adjustable Bookshelves 

Some people prefer to store larger items such as picture frames on an adjustable bookshelf rather than stacking them on another surface. These shelves feature two or more horizontal shelves that can be adjusted to fit almost anywhere in your home. For example, if you want to display pictures in a specific area, you can put a frame on an adjustable shelf, while storing other objects elsewhere on the same shelf. 


Adjustable shelves are perfect for smaller spaces, especially if you don’t have much floor space available. Not only can you store all kinds of items (books, CDs, games, etc.), but you also get a lot of flexibility. You can adjust the height of the shelves to suit any décor. And, if you ever decide to change your mind and need to rearrange everything, you can simply remove the shelves and replace them. 


While they allow you to easily store larger items, they’re usually unsuitable for holding small objects. The shelves may also take up a lot of floor space, and if you plan to stack items on them, you could end up damaging the shelves. 

Which bookshelf is right for you? 

Before you purchase a bookshelf, you’ll likely need to take into consideration some important aspects. First, you’ll need to determine if you plan to store books, DVDs, CDs, games, or anything else on your bookshelf. Then, you’ll need to figure out what kind of bookshelf you need. Finally, you’ll want to decide what location (such as the bedroom or kitchen) makes the most sense for your new shelf. 

If you’re planning to store books, you’ll probably want to go with a traditional or adjustable bookshelf. Since they’re the most versatile, you can easily find something that works in both traditional and contemporary settings. Plus, they can be customized to match any decor. 

If you intend to store DVDs, CD’s, or games, you’ll probably want to pick an open-shelf bookshelf. These shelves are easier to maneuver, and give you the option of displaying larger items, like framed photos. 

Finally, if you plan to store other things besides books, you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable shelf. These shelves are ideal for smaller spaces, and allow you to customize the height of each shelf to fit your needs. 

Once you’ve decided on which bookshelf fits your needs, you’ll then need to determine where it should be located. Ideally, you’ll want to place your bookshelf near the entertainment center, dining table, or bar. That way, you can quickly access your books whenever you need them. 

When choosing a bookshelf, you’ll also want to keep in mind whether or not you plan to put the shelf against a wall or across from it. If it’s going to be against a wall, make sure you measure the exact space before buying, because you may need to add or subtract some inches from the width or depth of the shelf. Otherwise, you may end up with an oddly shaped bookshelf that doesn’t work. 

Another factor you should consider is how many books you’ll be storing on the shelf. Some bookshelves are designed to hold only a few items, while others can hold dozens of books. When choosing a bookshelf, try to weigh the cost of the bookshelf versus the number of items you plan to store on it. For example, if you only plan to store a handful of books, it may be cheaper to just buy a stack of books. However, if you plan to store tons of books, you may be better off investing in a bookshelf that can handle several boxes of books. 

Having bookshelves tat eh house is really important for the people. The try of the people must be to get the bookshelves that are of good quality and use is easy. A person can plan to get the options that will be with more pros. The raamaturiiul are a must in a house with children.

So now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the perfect bookshelf for your home. Just remember to keep in mind the above tips so that you don’t end up with a poorly functioning bookshelf that ends up taking up precious space in your home.