Reddit Upvotes- Guide for Success

We have to admit that social media has made our lives much easier and the credit goes to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Dorsey and their ilk for making the world a small place.

Then we have to praise millionaires like Bill Gates for investing their hard earned money into platforms so that they reach far and wide. The latest buzz is that Elon Musk has expressed his desire to claim stakes on Twitter that has stirred a great deal of interest among users.

Social media revolution took place in the mid 2000s with the launch of platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that proved to be a foil for print and electronic media, which many people consider as the mouthpiece of corrupt politicians.

Today we have media platforms galore where we can pen down our deepest thoughts and feelings without any hesitation through blogs and posts. You’ll find almost every individual, young and old, will have their own social media platform although older folks prefer Twitter while youngsters are more on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Share and Like

Reddit is one such platform where many people use their writing skills to pen down reviews on various topics like business, politics, current affairs and many other things where one can have discussions with other users.

The platform is similar to Quora where one user puts a question or query and receives multiple replies underneath that can sometimes lead to arguments as well but views too are exchanged in an amicable manner.

Reddit is a review website where you can also share your personal views about elite personalities although sometimes it can have repercussions. But first you’ll need to register with the official website before getting access to other subscribers and their content that they regularly post.

People that are registered on Reddit regularly post video links, article links, text posts and images that are basically shared to elicit opinions of other users who then give it.

We are living in the age of share and likes where the more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ you have, the greater your popularity is in the social media stratosphere. Another similarity to Quora is that Reddit also has an upvote and downvote option.

Reddit members will upvote if they like your content or downvote if they dislike or don’t entirely agree with the content that you’ve posted.


To put it simply, Reddit is a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas with other members. If you’re a businessman you can share its contents on the platform to ask an opinion on whether it is correct or not and site members that are businessmen will provide their two cents.

Whether it is business or marketing, the brand value of the product has to reach the consumer that can be done only through promotion and advertising. Reddit upvotes are similar to the hearts you get on Instagram when you post an image or popular quotes.

The more upvotes you’ll have, the more popular your content becomes and it bolsters your profile to other platforms as well but it should be done in an organic way and not through bots.

You can readmore about reddit upvotes here or simply lookup various articles about it but rest assured that it is an engaging platform to hone your skills and increase your confidence.