Natural Landscaping, Beach Landscapes, Bermuda Grass, Planting Flowers

Natural Landscaping Natural landscaping is one way to make a landscaping design low-maintenance. All too often, people select garden plants based on what looks good in a magazine without considering what plants will thrive in their region.

By using plants that are native to the area and allowing the landscape to be as natural as possible, a lot of the stress and labor involved in maintaining an attractive yard that is easy to live with is removed.

For example, if you live in an area near the ocean, salt-tolerant plants can be used for beach landscapes and the plants will thrive. Natural Landscaping The natural landscaping you create may restrict planting flowers to those species that can survive the salt air, but those that you do plant will be beautiful!

Because natural landscaping employs plants that are native to the region, you will find fewer common lawn problems and will need fewer lawn disease solutions and pest control. This means you will save money on gardening supplies and will not need to use strong pesticides, fungicides and other products that are toxic to humans and animals.

Of course, even if you are planning on natural landscaping for your yard, you will probably want an area of beautiful, manicured grass. Select a variety of grass that performs well in the conditions where you live. Your local lawn and garden store can advise you of the best choice and the benefits of each. Sure, everyone wants a lawn that looks like a golf course and you can have that if you select your species of grass carefully.

It is strange but true that natural landscaping is so frequently rejected. In one landscape, you will find gardeners purchasing Bermuda Grass that in another lawn is considered to be weeds and are removed constantly! It is much, much easier to accept the plants and grass that is native and allow them to grow into beautiful specimens rather than fighting against Mother Nature.

For example, people in Florida struggle to make their lawns look as if they are not beach landscapes while people in New Mexico struggle to make their yards look as if they are not desert landscapes! It is true that the lawn and garden stores love this fact because these people return again and again to purchase more plants after the previous poorly-selected species have died. These people spend a lot of money on supplies, supplements, fertilizers, pesticides, and other products when simply implementing natural landscaping is an easy, simple and inexpensive solution.

If only those people in Florida would realize that they can enjoy an orchid collection outside their homes while people in New Mexico will never be successful trying to grow orchids in anything short of a humidified greenhouse, they would save a lot of time, money, and labor. Let the landscape to be as natural as possible while retaining its appeal will prevent spending your free time in back breaking efforts in this war against Mother Nature.

No matter where you live, well-maintained natural landscaping is every bit as beautiful as landscaping options that must be pampered daily. You get to enjoy your yard rather than consider it a dreaded chore.