How привнот can be helpful for sending private messages?

Day by day the apps related to the привнот are becoming more and more popular and a lot of people are using these messages to communicate with their colleague. There are a whole lot of communication methods available. However, among them private message has become extremely popular because it is encrypted and it keeps the note very much private only.

How it is useful:

Private notes can be considered as a very effective way of communication and it is extremely useful for different purposes.

  • If you are viewing any message in your company portal dashboard and you want to share a message in line which you want to be received by a particular recipient, then sending the private messages can be the best possible way to do the same. No third person will see the message and the end user will also not get any idea of the note. Only the colleague you want to give the message will be able to see it.
  • There are certain private things available in the office which you may want to share as a note to a particular colleague. If you want to share the WIFI password, server configuration, or any other extremely private things of the office, then the private message can come into play.
  • When as an agent or admin you are reassigning any task to another agent, then you may need to share some notes particularly to the agent you are transferring the issue. Hence, sending a private note will be extremely useful. Only the agent whom you are sending the message will be able to check it. No third person will be able to check the note you have sent.

Immediate purging:

When you send the привнот it not only goes as an end to end encrypted message, but once the recipient receives the message and reads the same, it gets purged automatically. Hence, there is no possibility of storage of the private note and chances of getting leaked in future. Even if the recipient doesn’t read the private note, it is going to stay in his or her e-mail box for a month and then it will get purged automatically.

Send the note fast:

Through the app related to the private notes, when you share the messages it is going to be submitted very fast. You will get the box open once you click on the button ‘write note’ in most of the apps. You can then write the short note inside the box provided and share the same with the recipient by adding ‘@’ sign and then the e-mail id of the colleague. Hence, it can be considered as a very easy process to follow. 

Day by day, private messages are becoming more and more popular because they are used by a lot of people in the various offices now to share messages which are extremely private. As a hundred percent safety is available with such messages, you can share the most secret things with your colleague quite easily. Choose the best apps for sharing your private messages safely and securely.