Goddess of Victory NIKKE Beginners Guide and Tips

The Goddess of Victory NIKKE tier list is the newest character in Nikkei games. She makes her debut in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, but she also appears in several older games such as Battle Girls.

Goddess of Victory

Goddess of Victory has a unique role in the game. Rather than being your normal support character, she will always be with you during battles. If you have any characters that are low on health or stamina, she can heal them for free! This means that if one of your characters happens to get defeated, it’s not all over – their health bar may just recover enough for them to continue fighting.

If you want to keep your Goddess of Victory active, you can either choose to fight alone against the enemies, or bring her along with you when you battle other players. You might even consider making her your main character.

Goddess of Victory’s special ability is called “Victory Boost,” which gives her +25% attack and +15% defense. However, this effect only lasts until the end of the round, so she won’t help much unless you defeat an enemy before the end of the round. For this reason, it’s better to use her as a support character.

In addition to her attack boost and defense boost, there are also some items that give Goddess of Victory extra bonuses. These include the following:

  • Vitamin Drink:

The drink boosts her defense by 10%, and heals her for 50% of her maximum HP. It can be used to heal allies at the same time.

  •  Watermelon:

It increases her attack by 5%, and heals her for 25% of her maximum HP. Can be used to increase allies’ attack instead.

  • Potion:

Increases her defense and attack by 10%, and heals her for 50% of her maximum HP. Can be used to heal allies at the same time.

  • Boomerang:

Adds +5% damage to her attacks. It’s useful for taking out bosses that can easily take multiple hits from her.

If you have a lot of these items, try using a few different ones to see what works best. Keep in mind that the items don’t stack, so you can’t use two Vitamin Drinks at once (the second one doesn’t work).

Goddess of Victory has three skills, each of which has its own requirements. Her first skill is called “Shoot” and requires a certain amount of points in order to use. She can shoot up to 3 times per round, although she can only fire once per turn.

Her second skill, called “Jump”, lets her jump up to twice per round. After using this skill, you can move freely without losing your momentum.

Her third skill, “Hail”, creates a hailstorm around her, which inflicts damage and knocks down enemies caught in the storm. This skill takes quite a bit of energy to use, so it should be saved for situations where your Goddess of Victory will be particularly vulnerable. Note that it doesn’t affect the boss’s stats.

To activate skills, simply press the corresponding button. To switch between skills, hold down the X button while pressing another button.

There are a number of other abilities that Goddess of Victory has, including the following:

  • Super Speed:

Reduces all enemy movement speed by 30%.

  • Teleport:

Allows you to teleport to an ally that’s under attack. Use it immediately after using Hail, so you can move faster toward your ally.

  • Energy Drain:

Causes your Goddess of Victory to lose 25% of her max HP.

  • Heal:

Restores 100% of your Goddess of Victory’s HP and restores 1/3 of your max HP.

  • Taunt:

Increases the chance of your Goddess of Victory to inflict more damage on an enemy.

  • Paralyze:

Makes an enemy unable to use skills for 2 rounds.

  • Stun:

Makes an enemy unable to use skills for 1 minute.

  • Silence:

Prevents enemies from attacking your Goddess of Victory.

  • Sleep:

Forces an enemy to sleep and cannot use any skills for 1 hour.

These last three abilities are really strong, especially Sleep. They let you control the flow of battle, preventing your opponents from doing anything and giving yourself the advantage. You can use them to set traps or ambush your enemies.

Goddess of Victory isn’t perfect, however. As mentioned above, her special ability, “Victory Boost,” only lasts until the end of the round. In addition, it’s difficult to hit the monsters that appear in dungeons, because they tend to fly away quickly. Also, the items that give her bonuses are pretty rare, so you might find yourself having trouble finding them.

That said, we highly recommend playing Goddess of Victory. She has many interesting skills and is a great way to improve your strategy for defeating the monsters. Good luck and enjoy the game!