Costco Frozen Foods: 10 Best Choices That Are Better Than Fresh

When it comes to convenience and value, Costco frozen foods are hard to beat. With a wide selection of frozen items, from breakfast sandwiches to dinner entrées, you can pick up all the ingredients for a meal without ever having to leave your house. But what’s even better is that many of these Costco frozen food products are actually tastier than their fresh counterparts! Here are ten of the best Costco frozen foods that will save you time and money while still providing delicious meals for your family.

Frozen Pizzas

One of the most popular choices at Costco is their selection of frozen pizzas. Whether you’re looking for thin crust or thick crust, they have something to satisfy everyone in your household. The great thing about buying pizzas at Costco is that they’re often much cheaper than ordering them from a pizza place – not only does this save you money but it also saves you time since there’s no need for delivery. Plus, their pizzas taste better than most takeout options – they’re loaded with cheese and toppings so you get more bang for your buck!

Frozen Burritos

Another excellent choice from the Costco freezer section is their burritos. These burritos come in both beef and chicken varieties and are filled with beans, cheese, rice, and other flavorful ingredients like salsa or peppers. They make an easy and convenient meal on busy nights when there isn’t enough time to cook dinner from scratch – pop one in the microwave or oven and enjoy! Plus, these burritos cost significantly less than those found at fast-food chains or Mexican restaurants – saving you both time and money!

Organic Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

If you’re trying to eat healthier but don’t have the time (or inclination) to go to the farmers’ market every week, stocking up on organic frozen fruit and vegetables could be the way to go. Not only do they last longer than fresh produce (which tends to spoil quickly), but they taste just as good – if not better! And because they’re already cut into smaller pieces, they’re perfect for blending into smoothies or tossing into salads – making meal preparation so much easier!

Asian-style dumplings

For a quick starter or side dish, try the Asian-style dumplings from Costco’s freezer section. These dumplings come stuffed with pork or chicken fillings and shiitake mushrooms – so they’re full of flavor with no added fat or calories! And because they come pre-cooked, all you have to do is heat them up before serving, making them ideal for last-minute entertaining!

Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

Start your day off right with some delicious breakfast sandwiches from Costco’s freezer section. Unlike other brands that contain processed meats like sausage patties made with fillers like MSG, these sandwiches contain real eggs and slices of Canadian bacon – giving you a filling breakfast that won’t weigh you down later in the day. As well as providing protein, these sandwiches also contain fiber thanks to the wholemeal English muffins – making them a much healthier option than store-bought breakfast pastries!

Fish Sticks & Fillets

Fish sticks were once considered “junk food,” but now companies like Kirkland Signature (a line sold exclusively at Costco) offer a healthier version made with wild Alaskan pollock fillets instead of fishy batters containing unhealthy oils like vegetable oil blends or partially hydrogenated oils used in traditional fish sticks. As well as being lower in fat, these fish sticks stay crispy after baking, unlike traditional breaded fish sticks, which tend to become soggy when reheated – making them perfect for school lunches!

Chicken Nuggets & Tenders

Kids’ favorite chicken nuggets can now be bought straight from the Costo freezer without worrying about unhealthy additives such as artificial flavors/colors in every bite. Kirkland Signature Nuggets contain 100% white meat chicken breast coated in a crispy whole grain breading that provides essential vitamins/minerals and protein needed during the growing years. And if your kids prefer tenders to nuggets, look no further as Kirkland Signature offers similarly nutritious options with real pieces of grilled chicken breast and lightly seasoned breadcrumbs instead of the fried batter coating found elsewhere!

Lasagnas & Enchiladas

No matter how busy life gets sometimes we all crave some comfort food – enter Lasagnas/Enchiladas conveniently available through Costo’s freezer section featuring either vegetarian varieties alongside others filled with ground beef + cheese fillings sure to delight entire family dinners alike without spending hours slaving away inside kitchen preparing everything from scratch first hand! Other bonus points go towards the fact that large portions are served up meaning fewer leftovers ensuring nothing goes to waste evening ends plus being able to attach a cost-effective price tag makes the whole deal even sweeter!

Ice cream cones & bars

Finally, treat yourself to a little indulgence by picking up ice cream cones/bars stocked within Costo’s freezer section offering a variety of flavors ranging from classic chocolate chip cookie dough to some unique twists such as salted caramel swirl never fail to impress guests attending the next summer BBQ party gathering! As portion sizes include generous servings, no worries about running out of desserts halfway through the event, saving precious energy needed to spend the rest of the night cleaning up afterward! What more could you ask for?

At the end of the day, there’s no denying that shopping at warehouse stores like Costo can be incredibly rewarding, especially when it comes to finding tasty alternatives to fresh items you want to buy at home. With ten suggestions provided, you are sure to find plenty of wonderful frozen options to choose from, guaranteeing a top-quality meal enjoyed by the whole family!