Celebrity Eyelashes Without Faking It

We’ve all seen the photos of beautiful models with stunning eyes masked by incredible long, thick, luscious, celebrity eyelashes that really give that WOW factor.

Every woman wants to recreate that effect of beauty and glamour but don’t know how to or assume that it’s born out of expensive mascaras, professionally applied or hand crafted fake lashes individually made.

Look at those photos closely and you’ll see that it’s the lashes that really create the effect so let’s focus on how to do this.

It all starts with long thick eyelashes – some women are fortunate enough to be born with them but for the most they are just a dream – but perhaps that dream can become a reality?

Idol Lash promises eyelash growth in just a few weeks – it’s a growth serum that very simply applied to the lashes line at night to allow it to stimulate growth as you sleep. The results are linger, thicker lashes within just a few weeks.

Whilst an eyelash is similar to other hairs whereas a human hair from the head will continue growing for up to three years and eyelash has only three months before it drops out and is replaced. This means that the time for growth is limited so if you can nourish the lashes and encourage faster growth the result will be longer lashes … simple as that!

And that’s exactly what Idol Lash does – nourishes the hairs and stimulates the growth cycle.

Sure, you can still use mascaras but because you will be starting with longer lashes in the first place the results will be even more impressive plus you will be able to give that little bit of curl which can have an incredible effect.

Idol Lash is not the only product on the market today but it’s one that is clinically proven to work and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

It’s completely natural formulation consists of protein, vitamins, minerals and natural extracts that are carefully formulated to stimulate growth whilst maintaining nourishment and health. Added to this are natural oils and moisturizing agents to increase blood circulation and retain moisture to make each lash resistant to damage.