Buy One Piece Merch And Other Anime Products At A Cheap Rate

With anime watching being on the rise since the onset of the pandemic, many people have started watching anime and creating art and stories around it. With such a huge fan following, anime merchandise has been quite in-demand for quite some time now — especially for mainstream animes. Thus, if one wishes to buy One Piece merch or any merchandise of a mainstream anime, one can easily visit nearby anime and manga stores or visit conventions.

And while one may think that anime merchandise only includes printed hoodies and t-shirts, it is quite more than that — from clothing articles to mugs to figurines, many things identify as anime merchandise and can be collected as well as resold at a much higher rate if authentic and official.

What includes anime merchandise?

While the most popular anime merchandise one may find is those printed hoodies, t-shirts and other clothing articles covered in the art of anime characters, many other things also constitute the merchandise industry for the anime fanbase. Another popular merchandise is the figurines collections of anime characters of any anime, which are made both officially and unofficially.

Other merchandise includes first versions or copies of the mangas, known as the ‘collector’s copy’ as well as other items like handmade posters by the manga authors or ‘mangakas’ and props as well as jewellery and cloth materials used for cosplaying as the anime character.

All of this can be bought officially as well as unofficially, depending on the user’s preference and their budget since unofficial merch can be quite cheaper and much better than the official merch and art when in the context of usage and affordability.

Which is better, official or unofficial merch? 

The answer to this question depends on the buyer and their aim for such a purchase. If anyone is purchasing anime merch for personal usage and decoration of their room, then unofficial merch is much better suited to them than official ones since they are cheaper and can be of relatively good quality that can be used freely without any guilt.

For those aiming to collect such merch for their monetary value or to support the authors and artists, official merch may be the way to go — most of which can be easily bought from popular anime conventions and by ordering merch from the official site of the production company animating the anime.

The best place to buy merch

If one is looking for affordable prices, the best place to buy anime merchandise is nearby anime and manga stores or online shopping platforms and websites. However, the chances of these merchandise being official is quite low. 

For official merchandise, one needs to go to anime conventions that have separate sections for such purchases. Furthermore, they can also be ordered online from the official websites of the production company animating and producing the anime.


In the end, with a fanbase as huge as it can be, merchandise is not only a want but a need for many fans passionate about their favourite animes. Thus, anyone aiming to buy anime merch can buy so from both online and offline methods as per their requirements.