All You Need To Know About Binaural Microphones In Asmr!

Binaural is a term that is most used in this industry, starting from music videos to the life-changing ASMR videos as ASMR is described as a tingling sensation that occurs on every part of a human’s body by listening to sensitive audio or videos. 

Using ASMR binaural microphones while listening to ASMR audios creates a 3D picture of sound in the inner circle of your head. In addition, it brings attachment to the feelings of the listener by giving a satisfactory experience. 

So, here are going to know the working aspect of binaural microphones, which gives a 3D impact on the ASMR videos and audios. It is essential to know its working to make it easy for the users to capture it. 

How To Record It?

Binaural microphones give a new experience while recording audio or visuals as it creates an environment that is noise-free and really effective in showing and attracting individuals by using different visuals. 

In order to record the binaural recordings then, there must be a proper distance between the ears and the head. There are specific steps that are to be followed to get the best results from the sound. 

  • Take External Microphones 

One should obtain a microphone for each ear so that the sound can get easily traveled to your head. Unfortunately, for binaural recordings, the internal placed microphones are not acquired to be adequately spaced to give the best results. 

Make sure to place them in the space 18 cm from each other. Creating this space between the two will give you a subtle volume from both ends. This difference also creates an image of 3D interpretation. 

  • Take A Dense Object 

It is required to take a dense object between the space kept idle. The thing will create the replication of geometry in the case of a human head. The object is placed between the mics so that an accurate voice can be created. 

By doing this, there will be no disturbance or obstacle between your recording of the sound. Usually, in the natural method of recording, a tree trunk is used to place between the mics so that a balance can be created. 

  • Start Your Recording 

Now is the time to start your recording after placing all the types of equipment and objects. Then, one can easily start recording their binaural audio. By using all the techniques, a perfect recording can be made easily without any complications.

This will reach to masses by giving them a soothing experience for life. The audio and visuals are satisfying to feel. It relieves all the stress and anxiety of all day and gives calmness to your ears and mind.


Thus, this process shows the working of binaural audio, which can help a person to replicate hearing. There are different ways to record binaural recordings, which can give an amazing experience to ASMR users. So, these forms of microphones conduct noise-free recording to give a soothing feeling to every person out there.