A New Look at Studies Involving the Use of CBD for Pets

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) as a therapeutic option for pets. The potential benefits of this cannabinoid have not gone unnoticed and many pet owners are now considering it as an alternative treatment option. But what do studies tell us about the effectiveness of CBD when used to treat various ailments in animals? We take a look at recent research into this emerging field, you can find more research by visiting this website

What is CBD?

Before looking at studies involving the use of CBD for pets, let’s first define what exactly it is. CBD is one of many active cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Unlike its more famous counterpart THC, it does not produce any psychoactive effects and instead offers a range of therapeutic benefits. It has been studied extensively in humans for its potential to alleviate symptoms associated with conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and epilepsy.

How Could CBD Help Pets?

The same properties that make CBD so attractive to humans could also be beneficial to our animal friends too. Research suggests that much like their human counterparts, cats and dogs may benefit from its ability to reduce inflammation and offer relief from chronic pain conditions including arthritis. In addition to this, it may help improve cognitive function and even enhance mood by triggering feelings of relaxation or calmness in anxious animals – something which can be particularly useful during times such as fireworks season or a moving house.

Research on Using Cbd For Pets: What Does The Evidence Say?

Of course, while anecdotal evidence regarding the efficacy of using CBD products on pets can be found all over the internet, scientific evidence is still very much limited due to legal constraints surrounding cannabis-derived substances in many countries across the world. Despite this however, there have been several promising studies conducted that suggest certain applications may hold merit – although further investigation will need to take place before any definitive conclusions can be made about safety or long-term side effects.

Studies Involving Dogs with Osteoarthritis

One study involved administering CBD oil orally twice daily over 12 weeks to dogs suffering from osteoarthritis caused by hip dysplasia. Pet owners reported significant improvements in their dog’s mobility during this period compared with those given placebo treatments meaning further research may be necessary for a better understanding of how effective these treatments could potentially be over longer time periods if used correctly.

Studies Involving Cats With Inflammation & Pain Relief  

A second study was undertaken involving 22 cats who had previously been diagnosed with chronic inflammatory conditions. After being administered small doses of either liquid hemp extract or an inactive placebo over 8 weeks – clinical assessments revealed significantly higher levels of pain reduction amongst those given Hemp extract than those given Placebo treatments suggesting that further investigations into using Cannabis-derived products are warranted going forward.

 Studies Involving Dogs With Anxiety & Cognitive Function

Finally, another study investigated how the administration of oral hemp seed oil capsules impacted anxiety levels amongst 16 dogs experiencing separation-related issues. Results demonstrated significantly lower levels Of stress hormones after just 4 weeks indicating potential promise when used alongside other behavioral therapies moving forward – although larger-scale trials are needed before any firm conclusions can be drawn regarding its efficacy here.