7 Misconceptions That Anyone Can Make About Bodyguards!

Usually, people imagine the image of bodyguards like that are shown in movies, but in real life, this is different. People keep looking for bodyguards who are strong enough to handle every situation, but they can be sensitive in reality.

Bodyguards are persons who are mainly hired by big companies, celebrities, or VIPs who are a threat to their life all the time under the external force. So, bodyguards are the people who are highly skilled and training in order to overcome and fight against all the threats which can harm their clients.

When someone is looking for bodyguards in London, then the people out there usually have certain misconceptions regarding this job profile. So let’s discuss some of the misconceptions that are not valid in the actual aspect.

  • Bodyguards Are Always Strong And Fit

Every time you imagine a bodyguard, you will see a man with huge muscles and a muscular body. But this is not true every time because there are some who are not fit by muscles, but when it comes to their service, there is no one better than them.

The duty of a bodyguard is to make protection around the person. There are no options for the physical appearance of a bodyguard in this place. Bodyguards need to be above average in their physical look, but that does not mean that they require strong muscle mass.

  • Only Hired By Celebrities

This is the most popular misconception regarding their profile. Because people have seen on social media platforms and even in movies that only big famous celebrities hire bodyguards with them, but by watching this, you may wonder that only stars can employ them, this doesn’t seem right.

There are a variety and types of companies and business owners who require to have safety from external threats to them and their property, so here also, bodyguards are needed.

  • Only Have To Fight

This is totally a misconception because there is no such thing that you always have to fight with this job. You need to provide protection and safety to your client in different ways. There is no specific restriction that the person should know how to fight in order to become a bodyguard.

If in case any situation arises in which doing a fight is essential, then they can do, but unless then it is a regular job where one has to protect the life of people and the properties to get any type of harm.

  • No Thinking Process

Many people will think that being a bodyguard, you are only required to have physical and muscle mass ability. But you don’t know that becoming a bodyguard requires vision from all the sides. The person should have observation skills where he can easily observe the wrongdoing around him.

Here, the bodyguards need to develop a skill where they can quickly learn and detect the body language of the strangers so that the dangers and threats around the person can be easily get detected.

  • Rude To Public

Some people have this misconception that the bodyguards don’t actually talk with the public, and when they speak, it becomes as they are acting rudely. But this is not true. One should understand that the roles of bodyguards have a broad facing role as they have to perform a customer service all the time.

But, here, you will be surprised to know that the bodyguards are trained in a particular manner where they don’t need to talk to anyone but can themselves detect the personality of strangers around them.

  • Only Men Are Allowed

You have a look in movies that mainly men play the roles of bodyguards, but today in real life, you will see that there is a rising demand for females in the part of bodyguards. This is a dynamic culture where more people want to have men as they think they are much stronger than females.

According to a report, today, more women are present in this job and are tend to perform better in this conflict of resolution when compared to men. Females have an instinct and intuition power which makes them more famous with these strategic skills in the field of bodyguards.

  • Impatient To Pull Guns Out

Another misconception regarding the bodyguards is that they are highly impatient in their role and can pull guns out every time. But this is not true as they are trained in a specific manner where they are learned where to use the armed tools and where it is not required.

This is considered as a last resort to use guns in the case of an emergency. They usually use their skills and physical power to overcome the threats and danger which come toward their client unless an emergency exists.


Bodyguard is not like any unskilled profession; a lot of effort and courage is required to perform this job profile. Unfortunately, people tend to have certain misconceptions regarding bodyguards by watching them in movies or on social media with celebrities, but this is not true, as stated above.

So, the business of bodyguards is very different in the real world as it requires a remarkable team and people to handle the life-threatening situations which may occur in their job profile. So, try to remove all the myths regarding them and build a robust and healthy perception regarding their work by overcoming these uncertain misconceptions.